Information On Medicare Supplement Plan N

Trying to figure out what kind of Medigap plans are out there can be quite a challenge. If you enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B when you turned 65, there are supplemental plans you can enroll in to fill the gaps that A and B do not cover. These are policies issued by private insurance companies to help you pay for these additional expenses. Medicare supplement Plan N is one option you can consider. There are four categories of medical expenses that Plan N covers and you can also click here to find out more.


Although Part A covers most of your hospital stay, the part that it does not cover is your responsibility. Plan N covers the deductible and coinsurance and, after you use up your Part A benefits, it pays for an additional 365 days in the hospital.

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Other Medical Expenses

Plan N pays for the coinsurance for Part B. For hospital outpatient services, it pays 20 percent of the expenses approved by Medicare. However, it does not pay for copays for visits at a doctor’s office nor visits to the emergency room.

Blood Transfusions

Original Medicare covers blood that you receive from a transfusion if you need more than three pints. Plan N covers the first three pints of blood. After that, Original Medicare covers the rest.

Skilled Nursing Facility and Hospice

Plan N covers your stay at a nursing home plus the coinsurance of Part A for hospice care.

On the average, Medicare supplement Plan N provides more coverage than Medigap plans K and L. In addition, the premiums are typically lower than that of Plans A through G. It offers less coverage than Plan F, but it also comes at a lower cost than Plan F.

So, there are always trade-offs between the amount of coverage you want versus the amount of premium you want to pay. Consider your options carefully before you make your decision.